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Working with Us


Our hosted desktop platform allowing lawyers to work from anywhere at any time


Included on MBC Desk is the complete Microsoft Office suite of products and access to our case management


Communication link to ensure you stay supported by the team for any admin tasks


Whether you wish to setup up a new client or send out an invoice. A simple and effective solution for all support requests.


We have a dedicated IT team available to handle any IT issues


Development and reinvesting in our IT platforms is a key focus in order to allow our lawyers to fulfil their aims


A compliance function to ensure that you remain compliant despite working remotely


We conduct regular reviews of files and ensure that our lawyers working remotely are protected and guarded against any risks.

My Business Counsel is focused on ensuring that it provides its lawyers with the freedom to work from wherever they want whenever they want. This is only possible with the continued investment in the compliance, administration and IT infrastructure that is currently in place and is developed on a continued basis.

My Business Counsel is able to provide all lawyers with high quality support by leveraging technology and agile working practice methods.

On this page you will find further details on how My Business Counsel is able to provide the support to its lawyers whilst continuing to develop this new agile way of working for lawyers.

Working With Us

Our lawyers rely on the support provided by the MBC Support Team based in Birmingham. With the majority of our lawyers in London, as well as spread across the UK, it is vital that the support infrastructure is stream lined, continually assessed and developed. Our support team members at our central office are managed by an experienced management team who continue to simplify the workings of a law firm by injecting technology to ensure the process is leaner and simpler for our lawyers.

The support team is able to take care of all administration requirements of the firm and its lawyers, including, client and matter setups, invoicing, client account banking, as well as marketing.

To find out what else is included as part of the support and service by My Business Counsel, please click on the 'What’s Included' tab above.
Without technology this new age of practicing law would not be possible. Through continued investment and in-house development, My Business Counsel continues to create a robust platform that allows its lawyers to work from anywhere at any time.  

My Business Counsel’s MBC Desk allows lawyers to log into their own virtual desktop accessing all applications that they would require to perform their work, as well as access to the case management system and financial records in respect of their client matters.  

To ensure that we efficiently plug the distance gap between wherever our lawyers are working from and our MBC Support Team based at Central Office, My Business Counsel has developed a communication and support request tool called MBC Link. MBC Link, accessible from MBC Desk or from a mobile app, allows our lawyers to instruct the MBC Support Team to undertake tasks such as setting up new clients or matters, sending out invoices, or any other non administrative or paralegal requirements.
Mobile technology allows lawyers to notify the switchboard of whether or not they are available, and our industry-leading intranet platform keeps track of matters and finances, as well as being a portal to access industry and firm information from anywhere at anytime.
Our lawyers are rewarded based upon their billings. Lawyers are paid a fee share of the invoice they raise to a client. Our remuneration model takes into account the emotional and mental stress of what it takes to be a good lawyer and to retain clients.

You are rewarded at all levels including, bringing your own clients to the firm, working for our clients, as well as when you refer work to other colleagues in the firm or where you wish to engage another colleague’s expertise for a matter you may be working on.

Our remuneration model outline applies to all lawyers regardless as to their expertise or fee generation capabilities.

Our lawyers receive

  • 75% of fees for work undertaken by them for a client that they have brought into the firm. Your client remains your client at all times.
  • 65% of fees for work undertaken by them for a client that is referred to them by My Business Counsel or a colleague.
  • 15% of fees for work undertaken by a colleague for a client that they have brought into the firm.
My Business Counsel does not dictate how much a lawyer should charge for their specific piece of work. Our lawyers charge a mixture of hourly rates, fixed fees for set pieces of work, or some even have a retainer arrangement with law firms and in-house departments for set hours or days a month.

Typically the hourly rates vary between £180 to £375 per hour, and any fixed fees based upon an estimation of time by reference to a set hourly rate agreed with a client. My Business Counsel does not have a minimum billing target or hourly rate, so long as the hourly rate is respective of the firm and its brand value.
Just because you will be a consultant solicitor does not mean that you are alone. All My Business Counsel lawyers, despite working from home the majority of the time, do still interact with other colleagues. Whether this is to work collaboratively on a client piece of work, or general socialising.

In addition to this, My Business Counsel has regular social events as well as a Christmas party each year.

Pictures of our last Christmas party can be seen here
The following is an example of what is included as part of the enrolment with My Business Counsel.
  • A complete 21st century infrastructure, covering you under our Professional Indemnity Insurance just as you would be protected in traditional private practice.
  • Full IT desktop platform (MBC Desk) and an IT support team that you can contact at any time
  • Communication channel (MBC Link) to ensure that your requests are handled efficiently with MBC Link
  • Business cards to assist you to market yourself as a Consultant Solicitor at My Business Counsel
  • Case management system that is fully integrated with the client matters so all your data and finance records are displayed on one very clean desktop dashboard.
  • Full banking and client account facilities
  • Referral work from other lawyers in the firm to work collaboratively or as a general referral to a client
  • CPD training arrangements
  • An electronic operations manual
  • Use of meeting rooms and business lounges
  • Complete telephone answering service that can forward calls to any number of your choice

Why Choose Us

  • Unrivalled support, admin, and compliance infrastructure
  • Continued development of IT platforms to allow you to work from anywhere and at any time
  • Freeing you from office politics, HR issues, and even endless department meetings
  • We give you a rewarding future and the reigns to your own destiny

What Lawyers think

Having practised in the City as a solicitor the whole of my working career I decided to take a break from private practice to raise my two young children. When they reached school age and recognising the pressures that come with working for a traditional law firm – billing targets, chargeable hours targets, regular marketing after work – I realised that I had to re-think how I practised the law if I also wanted to maintain a good work life balance and actually be there to raise my children.

Kelly Fox, joined My Business Counsel 2015

I became a solicitor consultant with MBC as it allowed me flexibility and the chance to develop my own business with the support of a law firm. It allows me to have a truly balanced life where I am in control of where, how and when I work. As a mother, the flexibility of being A ‘work from home’ lawyer is invaluable.

Seema Gill, joined My Business Counsel 2015

Being a freelance lawyer has allowed me to market myself much better, keep my overheads to a minimum and also to adopt a more flexible and client friendly approach. In a relatively short space of time this has enabled me to build my own brand and network which produces a continuous stream of work, gives me a level of both security and flexibility I wouldn’t get as an employee and makes the practice of law much more enjoyable.

Jonathan Lea, joined My Business Counsel 2014