In time you will think, why did I not do this before?

After moving from a traditional law firm to My Business Counsel, you will someday question why you did not make the move earlier. A firm such as My Business Counsel is perfect for those lawyers who are searching for a balanced life, whether to pursue a personal hobby or business venture; or spend more time with the family.  

My Business Counsel is not your typical virtual law firm, we provide all the support infrastructure that a lawyer would expect in a conventional law firm, but with the added bonus to allow them to decide when they work and how much they earn.

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It's the law career you know, only better

The support you receive will be the same, if not better, than traditional private practice

All our consultant lawyers either work from their home office, their client’s office, or even use our base in London or Birmingham. Wherever they work from, our lawyers are confident that they are backed up by the Support Team based at our Central Office to take care of all client engagement, banking, invoicing, general administration and IT concerns.

Our Support

All engagement of clients, compliance, invoicing and chasing payments is handled by Central Office allowing you
to focus on delivering your clients requirements. The Support Team are always on call by telephone or via our MBC Link application.



The infrastructure that we provide, and continue to develop, is better if not matched to what a lawyer would expect in a typical private practice firm. We continue to invest in our infrastructure and support model to enhance the support to our lawyers whilst they focus on their clients.


We have established a number of arrangements with barrister chambers and training organisations to offer our lawyers bespoke training on legal updates and
general business development techniques allowing you to better market your expertise to current and future contacts.


Yes! You do still have colleagues. We promote engagement between all our consultant lawyers at all times by way of general discussion, training days, as well as our popular social evenings. It is key that the whole team continues to communicate, as well as work together on projects where additional expertise is required.

law my way


A Remuneration model that you have been searching for…

It is time to be rewarded for your efforts and contribution. Our remuneration model takes into account the emotional and mental stress of what it takes to be a good lawyer and to retain clients.

You are rewarded at all levels including, for bringing your own clients to the firm, working for our clients, as well as when you refer work to other colleagues in the firm or where you wish to engage another colleague’s expertise for a matter you may be working on.

Our remuneration model outlined applies to all lawyers regardless as to their expertise or fee generation capabilities.

Our lawyers receive

a) 75% of fees for work undertaken by them for a client that they have brought into the firm. Your client remains your client at all times.

b) 65% of fees for work undertaken by them for a client that is referred to them by My Business Counsel or a colleague.

c) 15% of fees for work undertaken by a colleague for a client that they have brought into the firm.

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